Why Solar harnest is still at far reach ?

Solar harvesting in India is still expensive, there are many reasons for it. The major contributor to this cost is non availability of solar on grid. So most of the solar roof top or solar PV(photo Voltaic) system or solar power plant installation need battery bank which is pro cost.

In Digialert systems, we get lot of requests where many customers, sweet shops , cable operators, hotel owners , convenience stores, schools and other business points need to setup solar enable electricity systems. The cost of these solar systems as stand now is expensive which makes many people to pass/ pull out from the solar harvest idea.

On grid system option is cost effective and also provides direct revenue to the owners of solar systems. In on grid systems , the solar electricity is passed directly to government regularized grid systems, which then as a pool distributed to all power consumption needs. Solar panel generates direct current(DC) and the current which most of the home/commercial appliances uses is alternate current(AC). So to use solar current , DC to AC converter is needed so that users don’t have to change the appliances. The another cost effective benefit of on grid system is that converter is not needed. Roughly around 80k is needed for kWh solar rooftop.

Off grid system, which are 80% of current solar power or solar rooftop systems. This option is costly , as it need power bank which is collection of batteries - which stores current for the time when solar panels are not generating current , solar converter – which convert DC to AC, as an input need for most of the home appliances. As extra components are involved, these systems almost cost twice or thrice compared to on grid systems.

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