The Sun bathes the earth with enough energy in one hour to satisfy the entire world's energy need for a year!!

We are solar energy solution providers! Most of our projects are customer specific as every customer has their own unique needs so their solutions.

Thinking about Solar energy solution? Please reach us and we will be happy to evaluate your case and provide our recommendation. We don’t charge for evaluation and also we provide best recommendation based on your need, ROI (Return on Investment) and location of installation.

We encourage and are committed to provide electricity to our villages where electricity still at far reach. Please reach us and we will come up with some solution.
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Solar products using Solar Panels - Solar Street Lights,Solar Home light System,Solar Water Heater,Solar Water Pump,Solar fencing,Solar Power Plant,Solar Eletronic Chargers,Solar Lamps and Customize solar solaution for example - Solar solutions for small scale industry like - ironsmith etc. Solar off the self products, purachase the solar product and use

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