How Solar Works? basics of solar energy harness, how these solar system works.

In 1939, physicist ,Edmund Bequerel discovered photoelectric effect i.e. certain materials produces electricity when exposed to light.In 1905 , Albert Einstein described the nature of light(photon releasing electrons) and the photoelectric effect on which photovoltaic(PV) technology was evolved.

Space industry has started using this technology in their space craft and space programs, energy crisis drove this PV technology to non space applications.

Solar cell which are made of semiconductor materials like silicon. When solar/sun light strikes the solar cell , electrons are loosed from atoms, and positive and negative side forms a electric current. This electric current or DC(direct current), can be used to power the appliances or save it in battery. collection of solar cell is termed as solar module , and collection of solar module is solar array . So when someone says solar panel, it means reference is made to solar array.

For example - in the picture
  1. Sunlight hits a solar panel on the roof top or solar power plant systems. The panels convert the solar energy to direct current(DC), which flows to an inverter.
  2. Inverter converts DC to alternating current(AC), and this is needed as most of the current appliances runs of AC,and our grid system also have AC current. AC is effective way of transferring the current.
  3. AC current from inverter is used to power home/office/any AC setup.
  4. And any excess current from inverter is directed to the grid system , the current that goes to grid is recorded via metering.
basic physics behind solar energy harness,how solar cell,module and array works and generates the electricity from solar photons

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